Young At Heart Join Litfield House Medical Centre



Litfield House Medical Centre is pleased to announce their provision of consultancy space for The Young at Heart Team.  The Young at Heart team offer a non invasive artery screening service which is validated to 99.17% accuracy when compared to an angiogram.

The early prevention screening is undertaken using a BPro device which fits onto the wrist and measures the radial pulse wave.  The three page report compares arterial stiffness against benchmarks within age ranges and illustrates the level of calcium build up within the endothelium (arterial wall).

More than 50% of clients who have been screened by Young at Heart, present arteries much older than their chronological age.  According to the results, the screening consultants offer general lifestyle guidance and advice to clients and refer them to specialists where abnormally high readings indicate prompt intervention is required.

Early intervention can minimise the risk of arterial disease, heart attack and stroke.

Elaine Godley and Amanda Richards are the Young at Heart screening consultants who will run the clinic at The Litfield medical Centre.  Elaine has undertaken hundreds of scans and is an advanced practitioner using the BPro device.  Amanda provides screening support and general advice on lifestyle, diet and nutrition.

In addition to artery screening, the BPro device can also be used for 24 hour ambulatory blood pressure monitoring (ABPM).  Young at Heart will be launching both services at The Litfield Medical Centre on September 23rd.

More information can be found at their website or contacting Elaine Godley on 0845 121 4742 or .  For medical professionals, a number of validation papers are available upon request.