The Whiteley Clinic – Feature in “Woman and Home Magazine” – May 2022

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How to tackle leg veins

Around 30% of us will suffer from varicose veins. They’re nothing to be ashamed of, but if you’re avoiding shorts and knee-length dresses this summer because of leg veins, then it’s maybe time to deal with them. We asked Professor Mark Whiteley, consultant venous surgeon and consultant phlebologist at The Whiteley Clinic to give us the low down.


Varicose veins are a hereditary condition and occur when valves in our leg veins stop working properly, so blood falls down the veins when standing up, rather than flowing upwards towards the heart.

How do you prevent them?

Try not to sit for extended periods of time. To keep your leg muscles in good order, stand up every half an hour and pump your calves by rising onto your toes repeatedly every 60 seconds.

How do you treat them?

Some of the cutting-edge techniques used at The Whiteley Clinic include:

ELA (Endovenous Laser Ablation): This destroys the veins at the root of the problem with laser, under local anaesthetic, as a walk-in walk-out procedure.

VenaSeal: This closes the main vein in the leg that causes varicose veins. Only one needle hole is needed per vein treatment.

Foam Sclerotherapy: Guided by ultrasound, a liquid is injected into the problematic vein. This is effective in treating small varicose veins.



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