The Rafaelo Procedure?

Discover how to end Haemorrhoid misery at The Whiteley Clinic in Bristol!

The Rafaelo Procedure is a safe and effective treatment for internal haemorrhoids, using the established technology of radio frequency ablation, it gets to the root cause of the condition.

The procedure can achieve the same outcomes as a haemorrhoidectomy, but with the benefits of being a less painful, walk in walk out procedure, performed under local anaesthetic and with a much lower chance of recurrence. This enables the patient to pursue their daily activities almost immediately after treatment.

The standard treatment options for suffers aren’t great. One of the most common procedures is called a haemorrhoidectomy, which is carried out under general anaesthetic and involves a surgeon cutting out the haemorrhoid and removing any excess tissue. This causes significant pain and discomfort post procedure, normally taking a week or so to recover, with a high chance of recurrence.

Unlike these other invasive procedures, The Rafaelo Procedure only takes around 15 minutes and has minimal pain post procedure. It has successfully treated over 2,000 patients over 3 years, with outstanding results and The Whiteley Clinic is delighted to be able to offer our patients this life changing procedure.

Not sure if you are wanting a more ‘lighter tone’, we currently have the below copy coming out in a press ad in the downend voice on Friday:

Are you sitting comfortably?

If you suffer from haemorrhoids (piles), you’ll know how troublesome – and often painful – they can be.

To make matters worse, when over-the-counter creams and lotions don’t solve the problem, the standard treatment options are a range of painful procedures with decidedly mixed results.

Happily, relief is here. The Rafaelo Procedure is a new treatment that is safe, quick and painless with lasting results.

What sets this procedure apart from the norm?

  • Walk-in walk-out procedure
  • Minimal post-operative pain and care
  • Immediate return to daily activities

To see a review of a patient of the Rafaelo Procedure please visit here.

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