Sponsored bike ride – Bristol to Guildford!

On the 26th September Rachel and Amanda are pedaling from The Whiteley Clinic Bristol to our headquarters in Guildford (approx. 120 miles if they don’t get lost!) in a 24-hour period, to raise money for The Leg Ulcer Charity.

Around 500,000 people in the UK suffer with recurrent venous leg ulcers. These can be uncomfortable and painful and are often extremely debilitating. Whilst patients often live with the condition for long periods, many ulcers can be effectively cured with appropriate investigations and treatment.

The Leg Ulcer Charity funds research into the causes of and treatments for leg ulcers. They also help patients understand their condition and to seek appropriate treatment and promotes education for medical professionals caring for patients with leg ulcers.

They would love to raise £500 for the charity to support their work.

To donate or find out more – visit their just giving page.