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Dr Jorge Zafra

Dr Zafra offers anti-ageing therapies and advanced aesthetic procedures, in his practice he combines the vision of art and aesthetics with the most advanced medical treatments to enhance the natural beauty of each individual. He  studied for his medical degree … Continue reading

Dr Rhys Stevens

Dr Stevens qualified from Royal Free and University College Medical School before pursuing a career in General Practice. He works as a GP partner in Bristol and has a special interest in minor surgery and non-surgical cosmetic treatments, such as … Continue reading

Dr Karl Stainer: Dr Newmans Thread Vein Clinic

Dr K Stainer MBchB DCH DRCOG MCRCGP qualified in Bristol in 1988. He has been a GP partner at the Falloden Way Medical Centre since 1994, where he also performs vasectomies for the Avon Vasectomy service. With a special interest … Continue reading

Linia Cosmetic Surgery

Linia Cosmetic Surgery was established over 16 years ago by a group of doctors and therefore retains a unique patient centred approach. We have since grown to become one of the leading cosmetic surgery providers in the country. Our head … Continue reading

Dr Newmans Clinic: Consultant Dr Stainer

Dr Newmans Clinic can offer treatment for a wide variety of veins, including; red or blue veins and flares (using Veinwave™ and Injection Compression Sclerotherapy). Click on the video clips to see our amazing results. We consider the consultation to … Continue reading