Zenon Rayter

Consultant Profile

Name: Zenon Rayter
Qualifications: BSc MBBS MS FRCS
Clinical Research Interests: Breast Reconstruction, Research into effects of Tamoxifen on endometrium. Effects of Chemotherapy on blood supply of breast cancer. Psycho-oncology
Year Qualified:
Appointments NHS: Consultant Surgeon, United Bristol Healthcare Trust
University Posts: Honorary Senior Lecturer in Surgery
Membership of National Professional Societies: British Association of Surgical Oncology, British Association for Cancer Research, British Society of Gastroenterology, Royal Society of Medicine
Publications: Numerous Articles on Breast Cancer and Colorectal Cancer
Medico Legal Reports: No
Examining: Examiner for MB BS University of Bristol, External Examiner in Surgery, Imperial College, London

Contact Details

Private Secretary: Jean Williams
Contact Number: 0117 317 1402
Email Address: zenon.rayter@ubht.swest.nhs.uk
Website Link: