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Dr Newmans Clinic can offer treatment for a wide variety of veins, including; red or blue veins and flares (using Veinwave™ and Injection Compression Sclerotherapy). Click on the video clips to see our amazing results.

We consider the consultation to be as important as the treatment itself. At Dr Newmans Clinic, knowing what not to treat is just as important, so we ensure each patient has a full clinical examination: you will undergo a visual assessment of your condition using our technology where we will be able to see the condition close up on our special monitors, using both normal and polarised light which enables us to see beneath the skins surface. You will receive a full explanation of the planned procedures and importantly our expectations of the results you will achieve.

Many of our patients bring along a friend or family member to this initial consultation and we’re happy to explain the simple and safe processes to them too.

For Further information, please contact us on 0800 5422023 and quote “Litifeld House”

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Name: Dr Karl Stainer
Specialities: Cosmedic Surgery
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