Dr Kathy Drewett


National Centre for Integrative Medicine (NCIM)

Homeopathy is an Integrative Medicine (IM) approach which allows the doctor to understand the patient in a broader context of physical, emotional, psychological and social factors. The use of the minimum dose reflects the desire where possible to intervene as little as possible in the body’s natural recovery mechanism or to stimulate this recovery process in times of crisis alongside other supportive treatments.

April 2002 to December 2003 Clinical Assistant Bristol Homeopathic Hospital
Full Accreditation through Appraisal each year
Attend Bristol Masterclasses and Faculty Congress
Temporary position Bristol Homeopathic Hospital since 28.05.2015

Consultant Profile

Name: Dr Kathy Drewett
Qualifications: BSc St Andrews 1978 MBChB Manchester 1981 DRCOG 1984 DCH 1985 MRCGP 1986 MFHom 2001
Specialities: Speciality Doctor (Homeopathy)
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Contact Details

Appointments: 0117 370 1875
Private Secretary: Patrice Dwyer - Clinical queries and bookings
Contact Number: 0117 370 1875
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