Dr Elizabeth Thompson


The Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine has recently joined Litfield House offering medical homeopathy with Dr Elizabeth Thompson.

Medical Homeopathy is a holistic approach delivered by registered health care professionals that uses a low dose of an activated natural substance to stimulate a self-healing response in the body. At the first appointment the doctor will take time to understand problem symptoms that might be physical, emotional or psychological and then a treatment plan will be discussed between the patient and the doctor, with homeopathic medicines chosen for you or your child on an individual basis.

Homeopathy can be safely used to improve symptoms and well-being across a wide range of long term conditions: from childhood eczema and ADHD; to adults with medically unexplained conditions; inflammatory bowel disease, cancer or chronic fatigue syndrome; and other medical conditions, including obesity and depression. Some people use homeopathy to stay well and others use it to help difficult symptoms and/ or the side effects of conventional treatments.

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Consultant Profile

Name: Dr Elizabeth Thompson
Qualifications: DMOxon, MBBS, MRCP, FFHom
Specialities: CEO and Lead Clinician Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine
Clinical Research Interests:
Year Qualified:
Appointments NHS: Dr Thompson has worked for over a decade delivering an Integrative Cancer Care service having trained in palliative medicine to NHS consultant level.
University Posts:
Membership of National Professional Societies: Lead Clinician/Consultant Homeopathic Physician and Honorary Senior Lecturer in Social and Community Medicine and CEO Portland Centre for Integrative Medicine.
Medico Legal Reports:

Contact Details

Private Secretary:
Contact Number: Terri Young or Rebecca Hiscocks : 0117 317 1482
Email Address: enquiries@portlandcentrehealthcare.co.uk
Website Link: http://www.portlandcentrehealthcare.co.uk