Dr Andrew de Burgh-Thomas


Confidential and Professional Personal Healthcare

Dr Andrew de Burgh-Thomas provides a Specialist Service that is built on over 20 years of specialist training. Sexual infections are a branch of infectious disease for which specialist training and experience are needed. You will receive care and advice from a specialist in sexual health with an impeccable background in the speciality that encompasses the range of genital problems caused by infections through to those caused by dermatological conditions and have a special interest in sexual dysfunction.


Dr Andrew de Burgh-Thomas completed his speciality training in London and Brighton, both are leading centres in this speciality for both care and research.

Having qualified in Medicine in 1994 he was awarded Membership of The Royal College of Physicians in 1998 (the highest qualification attainable in General Medicine).            Having spent a year at the National Institute for Dermatology his Sexual Health training developed further on a ‘Golden Circuit’ rotation offered by Kings College London that included two years in Brighton a centre with one of the highest rates of infections anywhere in the UK.
In 2003 he was awarded his Certificate of Completion of Specialist Training and since then has relocated to the South West. Dr de Burgh-Thomas has honed his abilities at various Hospitals being based currently in Gloucestershire and providing on call services to Bristol Southmead Hospital for HIV.
He is actively involved in Research both original and some multi centre trials that are funded by both the Medical Research Council and other leading bodies. Through the experience he has gained in these he is able to offer a cutting edge opinion.
Dr de Burgh-Thomas has developed his skills and expertise through a wealth of patient experience gained at a senior level in the NHS and he is actively involved in the specialist training of qualified doctors at various levels. This background has prepared him to advise on the most relevant tests and treatments and to investigate appropriately your symptoms and presentations.

You may be worried about a recent incident or previous risks. Dr de Burgh-Thomas can assure you that peace of mind is possible. He offers a service that prides itself on obtaining and delivering your results confidentially with a minimum of delay.

Fully recognised by the General Medical Council and linked to wider specialist groups to whom he can both obtain and provide expert opinion to and from peers that are seen as leading International experts.  He will provide a personal service and this has been recognised as exceptional via repeated anonymous patient feedback

Consultant Profile

Name: Dr Andrew de Burgh-Thomas
Qualifications: BSc, MBBS, MRCP, Dip GUM, Dip HIV, MJCSM Sexual health, Sexual infections
Specialities: Contraception
Clinical Research Interests: Principal Investigator on Various International and National Clinical Trials
Year Qualified: 1994
Appointments NHS: Consultant in Sexual Health Gloucestershire royal Hospital
University Posts: Speciality Training Programme Director
Membership of National Professional Societies: BMA, BASHH, FSRH, ESSM
Publications: yes
Medico Legal Reports:

Contact Details

Appointments: Tel: 01242 300303 Fax: 01242 300304
Private Secretary: via Cheryl Prestidge
Contact Number: Tel: 01242 300303 Fax: 01242 300304
Email Address: Cheryl@medicalsolutions.org.uk
Website Link: http://imminent