CESP has a proven record of providing a comprehensive and first class range of eye care procedures and treatments, delivered by experienced consultants, close to where you live.

Whether you are seeking treatment for a long-term condition, like glaucoma or macular degeneration, or you require specific surgical intervention, for instance the removal of a cataract or to correct a squint, our aim is always to make your experience as convenient, safe and successful for you as it possibly can be.

Initial consultations will be with the surgeons themselves, who will do their best to ensure that your eye care experience is tailored exactly to your needs.

From your initial consultation to your final post-operative follow up we will ensure that your experience with CESP is a positive one.

CESP has been created to deliver the highest class of eye care treatment available, from a unique and highly personal approach. Every CESP patient can expect to enjoy a relaxing, flexible and individual clinical and surgical experience.

Right from the beginning, once you are referred to see a CESP consultant you will be always be seen by that same, named consultant at all future appointments throughout your treatment.

Direct contact with the same, familiar consultant at all visits will ensure consistency of care, whilst enhancing the quality and positive nature of your care experience. Your consultation will be both relaxing and informative, with plenty of opportunities to ask any questions that you may have.

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